Monday, 8 July 2013

Shameful Truth Exceeds 30,000 Viewers!

ShamefulTruth, the website documenting TV coverage of the Chichester abuse scandal has now had over 30,000 views. Apart from the 'InsideOut' documentary the most watched item is the story following the arrest of Bishop Peter Ball. The vast majority of I.P. addresses are registered to males aged between 35 and 54! Click here to view the site.


  1. Good morning, another week, I am not familiar with blogging, better at Face booking. However I have had a very positive response to the article and story by Teresa Cooper. I shared an article by the 'London Standard' where she also met with Justin Welby. Alan Wilson said that the psychiatrist in her book wanted to make a NAME for himself, out of young people's misery. He was renowned in the 80's for controlling adolescents!

  2. Further to this information, the said psychiatrist is now a 'dead white male' but according to Teresa, abuse is still ongoing in these private homes. I think she needs our support as recently she was threatened, so united we stand!